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Grab that thought

Monday is coming in fast, with overwhelming bringing up the rear. By the time I can process the weekend, it's Tuesday. There are so many thoughts happening all at once in my head. Anybody else?

I have to get control of my thoughts before they start controlling me. I need to take my aimless wandering thoughts and tether them to a truth that weighs them down, otherwise they just float around aimlessly, leaving me making no progress in a hundred directions at once.

When my thoughts are aimless, Satan takes full advantage. He likes to suggest things that could happen. They are never good things. His aim is to get me to feel out of control, but here's the deal: I am out of control. I don't control a thing. God is in control. Satan wants me to think about that, he wants me to stay in that feeling, that overwhelming responsibility, but it isn't mine. He wants me to be thinking about trying to control things so far in the future that I miss where I am right now. This minute is the only one I can make a decision in. It can set me up for success or failure in the next minute.

I don't want to fall into this trap. So, I have to start one by one tethering the thoughts to the truth.

Kate can drive. We only have a little time left with her. There is so much still to teach her.

Truth: She will always be my daughter, God will help me both let go and enjoy seeing Him grow her.

Inflation is going crazy. How will we ever retire.

Truth: God has never stopped taking care of us; He won't now or then.

What if? How will? When can?

One at a time. Anchor your mind in truth and scripture.

God promises to send out his light and truth to lead us (Psalm 43). I want to be lead by His light instead of my own thoughts.

My thoughts travel well worn paths or patterns in my brain. It's easy to think the same negative or destructive thing over and over. Once it's familiar it is hard to recognize. The lies that Satan is pitching to me are well thought out, I've believed some of them for quite some time. To recognize the lie, I have to rehearse the truth so that it becomes just as familiar.

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