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Prayer for Becoming

We celebrated her birthday yesterday, but I didn’t get to process until today because in true Kate fashion, she had us hopping from sun up to sundown. We had a whole list of things to accomplish, and I love her for it. It was a day filled with things Kate loves to do...with us.

Today is my day to reflect on the 14 years of her life and all the years left to be written. And there isn't time on earth for all the things I want for her, but there is exactly time for all the things God plans for her. Of all the things I want to give her, I know that prayer serves her best. I can't mess that up because the Holy Spirit interprets for me. So this is my prayer for My daughters, the physical one God gave me and the ones I have gotten to adopt along the way. Please steel it pray over your own daughters: Father I pray that Kate will be set free from the pull of the world, I pray she won’t mindlessly copy their behavior and customs, but let you transform her into a new person by renewing her mind (2 Corinthians 10). "I am not asking that you take her out of the world, but that you keep form the evil one" (John 17:15). Give her a strong sense of her identity as your daughter and let her walk in it.

I pray that she will know you’re good and perfect will over her life and the purpose that you have for her. I pray that you would enlighten the eyes of her heart so that she will know the hope of her calling and you're immeasurable power for us who believe(Ephesians 1). I pray over her thoughts, teach her to direct them to what is true, right, noble, and pure.

Me and Katybug July 2020

Whatever is lovely, admirable, worthy of excellence and praise let her think on these things and focus her attention there (Philippians 4:8). Teach her to take her thoughts captive and march them right back to the truth so Satan cannot steal her joy or purpose.

I ask that you teach Kate how to keep her heart. Help her understand her feelings and define them by what you reveal as Truth. Give her a keen sense for discerning lies and make her brave. God, I ask that you let her understand that what she allows in to her heart will color what flows out from it. 

In Jesus name, Amen.

Don’t just pray this over your own physical children, pray it over every heart that God gave you to shepherd. Every single female that you can influence, you can be a part of their spiritual heritage. If you don't have one of these, get one, let them right into your family. Or in my case, let them adopt you. they will be the biggest blessing. Love them all. All women need help becoming.

Kate and our favorite Erika

Who am I kidding, pray it over every female you know. We need to fight for each other more.

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