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The Long Haul

On the long-haul, it doesn’t matter that he leaves his underwear in the floor, or toenail clippings in the sink, or that mud continually peppers my floor from his clumpy boots.

What actually matters is that his heart is after mine. He’s always seeking ways to make me forget our frustrations and hit the fun road. He makes me a better Mom with the support of his constant presence.

This week we took off on a long motorcycle road to the covered bridge in the pictures. One of the most healing things about the whole journey was the smells on the breeze. I think it cleansed my soul...honeysuckle...wild lilac...and roses. We saw the longest run of honeysuckle I’ve ever seen in my life; it transported me to childhood and I didn’t want to come back. 

This bridge was built in the 1840's. It's the Red Oak Creek Covered Bridge in Woodbury, Georgia ♥️ . Pictures don't do it justice. It has lasted years and years of wear and tear. It even withstood a flood that almost entirely submerged it. I could have just taken it in for hours, unfortunately this was a quick escape and we didn't have hours. One of the most beautiful things about this bridge was it's durability. It's remained steadfast for almost two hundred years. You can feel it's timelessness and almost breathe in the stability.

Dads can bring great stability to our homes, and it's often taken for granted. It's something we don't think about, until it's missing. God's faithfulness, in the same way, can be taken for granted. We see it so often that we stop seeing it.

Don’t miss this aspect of God’s heart in the mundane of the daily. He wants to sneak away with you and help you forget the pressure of life, to ease your burden with the support of His presence. His Fatherhood wants to steady you and remind you that He is steadfast and unchanging even when the waters rise threatening to overtake us. He is faithful.

"the problem with faithfulness: We hardly notice it. Faithfulness is, by definition, the predictable, the habitual, the study, the routine. It is the evidence of things seen, but seen so often we've grown blind to them." Mark Buchanan

This quote reminds me of God's faithfulness and the most tangible reminder I have of it on earth, my husband.

Let's look at our gifts, and see the steady, faithfulness of Dads and not take them for granted in the daily busyness of life. Let's thank God for His presence and not take it for granted; let's breathe in His steadiness and faithfulness and let it infuse us with His strength for the everyday.

If you want free prayers to pray over the Fathers in your life follow the link below for a week of prayers just for them.

Father's day
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