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You Choose

Death and life are in the power of the tongue. That's what the author of Proverbs tells us, and the Message translation

makes it very clear:

Words kill, words give life; they're either poison or fruit - you choose. Proverbs 18:21

We choose, every day, every few minutes what our words will accomplish.

I've been praying this over my home and the words we speak to each other. I realize I've focused this last week on limiting the negative that comes from my mouth, which is good, but I haven't thought much about using my words to produce fruit.

So, this week I'm choosing to send a card a day to people I love. Yep, a physical card, not an email but snail mail. This will actually require stamps, you know those sticky things you put in the corner of an envelope.

I realize this may require texting some of you to get a physical address.

Think about doing this with me!

Can you send one encouraging letter a day?

I'm shooting for one a day, but as people come to mind I hope I multiply the output.

I also want to remember that some of the people that could use a letter don't even require a stamp because they live under the same roof with me. At the same time I'm deciding that my walk to the mailbox is pretty far, so this is going to count as exercise. Especially if I send multiple cards a day (one trip per card).

Written words have power. Especially if you include scripture! So, send someone a verse you've prayed for them, or one that reminds you of them. Listen to the Spirit as he brings people to mind.

I've invited my kids into this, encouraging them to send a card to someone, and I'm inviting it today, see how much joy it brings, and then do it again.

I am going to spread words of encouragement like seeds and hope they produce fruit.

Join me?

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