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Hi! I'm Lauren!

I have a passion for writing my heart out to God. Journaling my prayers has changed everything for me. Praying not just my words, but scripture sets the Truth into action in my life. Recording my prayers not only helps to focus my mind, it reminds me of God's faithfulness in his answers. when I forget God's daily miracles, and I am going to, I can look back in my prayers and see His steady presence and miracles. Prayer is our connection to God, we are granted this incredible access to the Father through the gift of the Holy Spirit, and so many of us have never really learned how to pray. It's not a way of receiving what we want, it's a way of aligning our heart with God. It's a beautiful way that God creates a relationship with us and grants us His perspective and broadens our hearts to hold more of Him, more of His abundance. Writing the words of God in prayer engraves them on our hearts. Prayer joined with the word of God unleashes power over our natural lives through the Holy Spirit. 

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