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Prayers for family

       As a Mom, God has called me to be a light to my family. I get the singular privilege of shining light for my children in  so many ways. I get the greatest joy because God has entrusted their hearts to me. Make no mistake, I also feel heavily the weight of that responsibility, but instead of letting it drive me to be the best parent, I'm choosing to let it lead me to Jesus feet, so that I can be the parent He designed me to be. Only He knows the Mom my children need, and He picked me to be it. I can trust Him to show me each day, each minute, each second how to love them. Only He can teach me how to be their mom, and that knowledge leaves me chasing Jesus as soon as I wake up every morning. 


        With this spectacular privilege comes a responsibility to seek Jesus for them. The most concrete way I can influence their heart is to pray for them. It may not seem like it, but it is the absolute truth. I've shared some of my prayers that are all based on scripture on this page. Please feel free to steal them. Join my mailing list and I'll drop these prayers in you inbox, and you'll be sure not to miss any other cool things shared.

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God we pray over our children. Let them grow to love discipline and knowledge. Let them feel security in our discipline, and let us have courage and strength to discipline out of mercy and love for them. Help us model obedience that is fueled by love and not fear so that they will understand You better. God draw their hearts in awe of you in the way that only You can. Make us faithful to talk about you as we sit in our homes, walk through our day, when we lie down and when we rise. Make us diligent as we seek to instruct them. Give them hearts that feel safe in our love and yours so that they receive instruction. In Jesus name, Amen (Deuteronomy 6)


God, enable our husbands to stand against the schemes of the devil. Protect their minds. we pray that You would guard them from assaults on their identity. Ground them in your word and let it teach them. Teach them and lead them in purifying and renewing their minds in your word. Give them a desire for your word and the discipline to spend time reading it. Show them more of yourself. In Jesus name, Amen

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