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Coming in Hot

We are sliding into a new school year with momentum. It is never too late or too soon for you to start praying over your kids in this escalating culture.

Satan has been aggressively working on my heart. He’s been weaving anxiety through things I’ve seen, experiences big and little, and using despair against me. We assume that He is not subtle, that we will clearly recognize him by his rhetoric, but that is farthest from the truth. Satan is a deceiver and deception is calculating. That means he is sneaky.

Hear this! Satan is coming for your children. He is weaving this culture into a web to catch them at every turn. BUT! God is not unaware of his schemes. God is not silent or unmoving, but He is hoping you will participate in prayer.

If you want to fight for your children, prayer is the way to do it. I know that it seems like you are doing nothing, I get it, but God has hidden proof all around us that the things we can’t see are actually sustaining us. Oxygen sustains us all the time and we can’t see it. The ground takes in seeds and magically, hidden away from our eyes, they germinate and sprout. The earth spins on its axis at that perfect tilt that we don’t even discern by any felt movement. Prayer makes its way to the throne room of God not because of our effort, but because Jesus is there interceding for us. Prayer sustains us, even if we can’t see it.

Satan has been whispering in my ear that compromise is inevitable, that my children will waiver, that it’s unavoidable. I let him tell me this for a couple days because I didn’t recognize him.

Now that I do, I’m no longer taking it sitting down. I’m standing this morning, belt of truth fastened and shield of faith in place as I take the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God and strike Satan with it.

I prayed as Jesus did over his disciples that God would keep my children, I didn’t ask that He take them out of the world because they are light to it, but that He would keep them. I sent up this prayer and I told God I believe Him.

I’m inviting you to do the same.

I’m praying a specific prayer over my children each week of August. I’m not praying these things one time for the week, it’s going to be the rhythm of my prayers for them over the first week of school. I’ve selected 4 sets of scriptures, one for each of the weeks in August, to pray over our children all week and set the tone. The simplicity and repetition are key. By the end of each week these prayers will be imprinted on our hearts and impacting theirs.

Please join me.

Pray these scriptures over your kids, pray them over friend’s kids, believe God and don’t let Satan gain ground in your mind. Fight back.

I will have the scriptures each week on Monday, starting today, in my stories on Instagram and Facebook with a sample prayer that you can absolutely copy. The verses are available to download as prayer cards on the home page of my website

Please don't dismiss this. Pray is one of the most tangible ways to fight for our kids.

They need us.

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