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Give God No Rest

want change.

I want results.

I don’t want to wait.

The best results are always rooted in time. The people that we have the most time with are the ones in our home. I can wish and hope for change, or I can pour that effort into the people God has given me unlimited access to My children. My husband.

Change isn’t grandiose. We want it to be, we want to only need courage to do something one time and have it be settled, but that isn’t how any lasting change transpires. It happens one small decision at a time over minutes, hours, days, and years. For that lasting resolve, we can’t really muster up what we need. Real change only comes through prayer and God’s strength, and honestly those are two things that we humans aren’t good at leaning into.

If you are wanting change in your world, lean into prayer and lean into the people God has put directly in front of you. God doesn’t make things tricky. The people He wants you to mold are usually at arm’s length. They are your best chance at affecting change. The small and daily adds up to big things on earth and even bigger in heaven.

“By faith Isaac evoked future blessing on Jacob and Esau.

By Faith Jacob…blessed each of the sons of Joseph.” Hebrews 11

Our faith, especially our prayers in faith evoke future blessing on generations.

The truth is we don’t want to do the small things, but they really are the ones that count.

We want to “Go Big or Go Home”, but going home is big.

Go smaller, focus on what God has given you, and watch the ripples.

“…I have posted watchmen on your walls:

they will pray day and night continually.

Take no rest, all you who pray to the Lord.” Isaiah 62:6

Do the little thing, that isn’t really a little thing. Pray. Pray big, pray continually, give God no rest. Be the watchman who stands on the walls of your family and watch for God’s answers. Train your eyes to see them coming from afar off. Let them increase your faith to pray more.

Father, let my life give you no rest. As many thoughts and words as I have, let me turn them to prayers. As they reach your ears, let me trust them in your hands. In Jesus name, Amen.

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