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If you want change...

The way to change a culture is to teach our children. The road to transforming mindsets starts in your own home. Be responsible to see favoritism in your own heart because it’s there. Set an example for the little eyes always watching in your home. They hear what you say and how you react, even when you think it was unimportant.

Parenting is the greatest honor, but it is also where we most struggle to follow through. Satan has attacked the family unit because He is strategic. He knows it is the breaking point of every culture, but it’s also the point of growth.

Share truth with your children about the past and the mistakes that have been made. Show them injustice that exists in this world and let the Holy Spirit ignite a fire in them to never tire of doing good. Let them see things that aren’t fair and wrestle with them. It is our job to teach them that there is a Right and a Wrong and then lead them where to go when it gets Grey. We go to God’s word and then His voice. It is a dangerous thing to be led by emotion. It gets us to blindly follow whatever turns our hearts. Emotion doesn’t lead to lasting change. Change happens when we take our emotions to the Truth and let it guide our actions.

If you are going to teach your children the Truth in God’s word, then you need to know it. If they hear you say it has the answers, and they don’t see you searching it, your words will fall flat. Most young adults who leave the church do so because they have failed to see adults who are changed by the gospel.

My heart is desperately wicked, so is yours, so is everyone we know. It ties us together regardless of skin tone, hair color, eye color, or personality traits, our hearts are sinful. This isn’t something that can be fixed with rules. Rules don’t fix hearts. The law never fixed sin, not the Ten Commandments, and not new legislation. We are unified by our need, and Jesus is the only fix.

If we believe this, then our children will see us go to Him for answers.

If we believe Jesus fixes things, then they will see us pray for our leaders more than we criticize them. No matter what party they belong to, they have been placed by God (Romans 13:1 & 1 Timothy 2:2). Pray for our President, pray for your pastor, pray for your boss. Include your children in this, they are not too young. If we spend more time praying and less time criticizing, I believe God will move.

Stop talking and channel that energy into seeking the Truth in God’s word and lean into prayer. If we seek God, each one of us, on an individual level, the Holy Spirit will bring Unity. He is the uniting force for our souls. If you want to see real change, pour into your children, and any other spiritual children God may place in your path. We always think that change starts with a movement, it doesn’t, it starts on the individual level with a trickle.

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