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Momentum for Moms

Updated: 3 days ago

They are growing. If you contrast the pictures on the bottom with the top, all three of my children look so much older. I sat and looked at these pictures thinking about the ways each has changed, but do you know what I didn't do? I didn't look at how much Pete and I have grown as parents. The kids growth is easily spotted while ours is more hidden behind the eyes.

Looking back doesn't let me go back, even thought there are days I wish I could do over. We can make a list of things we wish we'd done differently or we can let ourselves choose to grow with our kids. We can celebrate our growth like we celebrate theirs.

Take a good look at who you are as a Mom. How have you changed? As you see catalog your growth let that propel you into courage for the next phase. Momentum for motherhood can be found in grace. Grace is my word for the year, so I've decided to let myself take in some deep breaths of God's grace for my motherhood.

I'm not going to make you feel good by telling you that you are enough for your children - that's not the gospel. You are not enough. Inside that truth is freedom because it can lead you to realize that Jesus is enough.

God doesn't expect you to be a perfect parent. He does expect you to be their parent. He put you together on purpose because He sees everything they are going to need. You are the parent he chose for your children on purpose.

Mom, you are not the sum of your mistakes or successes. You are not the average either. That's just silly math. You are God's design. Your kids need your successes and your failures. If they don't see your victory, they won't chase after God's purpose for them with confidence. If they don't see your weaknesses, they won't be able to deal with theirs. They need to see you both practice forgiveness and receive it.

You can let it go and still choose to grow with them.

I'm asking God to help me make my own growth chart. Ask Him to show you where He is proud of you.

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