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lake life

Be still …

and know that I am God…

and I will be exalted.

I’ve just gotten back from a vacation with my husband’s family. If you know Pete the irony of this verse is not lost on you. The Mitchell’s are not still. We come back from vacation exhausted and totally spent. We filled every minute with boating, tubing, jet skis, kayaks, cliff jumping, sunset chasing, laughter and eating.

In all this motion, I stole moments in my heart to Be Still. This sunset picture is one of them. God was speaking to my heart about His great capacity to slow time and to focus it. When I choose to be still in my soul in the busiest moments He is exalted. He is recognized and seen as God and I am reminded that I am not. I can breathe in that wide open space of the truth that everything doesn’t depend on me. I can breathe in the gifts of the moment I’m in and not let it get chocked by guilt of the past or anxiety for the future. I can just breathe the freshness of the present, the gift of now.

The more moments I choose a stillness of the soul, the more present I am. I don’t miss important things like this sunset in the picture. I soak them up because I am not distracted.

I am refusing to look at this day, today, as one of the last days of summer. I won’t let it get tainted by future, and I refuse to look at what I could have done better yesterday. This morning is a gift. It’s an invitation to be still and know Him, right now. To exalt Him in my heart above all the other voices clamoring there. It’s my invitation to slow time and sink into it. I accept.

My challenge to you is to do the same. Sink into every moment of today, and love your people. Let the knowledge that He is God, and you don’t have to be free you to enjoy breathing!

Sink into everything you are given from God’s hand today like it’s a plush sofa with a down comforter and refuse every attempt of Satan to steal the remote and switch the channel. Satan will try to get you to become chaotic inside and distracted so that something else gets exalted in your heart. Recognize it, and don’t let him steal from you. Grab those moment like it's your job!

“God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and love and of a sound mind”

(2 Timothy 1:7 NKJV). Use it! Stay fixed on God and let everything about today be the gift it is.

I’m taking every moment today; I’m not missing any of them. How about you?

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