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What are you planting?

There are things I plant that I feel like no one sees. You too?

But that isn’t the truth, when I plant in love, God sees, God multiplies, and God ordains the time of its growth.

I needed this reminder this morning as Caleb and I planted our Zinnia seeds for this year. Last year’s flowers were amazing, and being thankful for them is renewing my heart to plant again. Remembering the right things always gives us hope like that.

Those who live only to satisfy their flesh,

from the flesh will reap destruction;

whoever sows to please the Spirit,

from the Spirit will reap eternal life.

Galatians 6:8

What are you planting?


What are you watering?

What do you want to reap in your family and relationships because if you aren't intentional about what you plant, you might not like the harvest.

What have you been waiting to poke through that soil , watering and waiting? It’s not for nothing. God sees what you've planted and even in the dark of the soil; He sees it.

Some things that we plant will be eternally harvested and we won't see the harvest here on earth. As humans that is hard. we are results oriented, but how much sweeter will heaven be with that unexpected harvest.

One of the best ways that I know to sow to the Spirit is prayer. It's a safeguard because it can't go wrong. It doesn't depend on me. It is one of those hard disciplines that banks a lot of harvest in eternity rather than on earth.

I'm offering to pray for what you have planted. I'd be happy to water the soil you've worked and toil with you. If you want to take me up on that simply send me a message.

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