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His 5th grade graduation was this week. It may have been virtual, but it was no less official and final. That last word gets me. It’s final, we now live in a house with two Middle schoolers and only one left in Elementary school. I felt it weigh heavy on my heart as my head hit the pillow and time pulled at my thoughts. Time always seems to be yanking things away. I make it my enemy so often. If time never passed, I wouldn’t notice things. Time carries with it the gift of appreciation.

Brian’s teacher played a song I love by Rascal Flats called My Wish. She literally sang it to them and she totally lost it and tears rolled down. She however was kind enough to mute herself while I, on the other hand, sang and cried right in Brian’s ear. I have so many wishes for him, so much I want for him that it overwhelms me, but do you know what God whispered in my heart when my head hit that pillow. “Lauren, you have something better than wishes to give him; you have prayers”. My wishes may come to fruition, but my prayers are a sure thing.

The real reach I have over my children’s lives is not the words I say to them, but God’s word I speak over them. God can reach where I cannot. My limits and failures don’t hinder Him. Prayers aren’t hindered by time either. Prayers carry a power that wishes cannot. They rest on more than hope.

So, this weekend, if you have any kind of graduate, steal this prayer for them. Pray it over your children no matter what stage they may be entering. God goes before them and behind them, further than we can reach.

Father, thank you that you know my child’s heart far better than I ever can. You know my heart as well. Mesh our hearts together into a love that time can’t touch or erode. More than even that, grow his heart to love you. As we pant seeds of truth in his life, grow purpose in him. Take hold of His right hand and say to him “Do not fear; I will help you” (Isaiah 41:13). Keep his ears tuned to hear your voice. Root and ground him in love, give him strength to comprehend how big your love is, let him know your love that surpasses knowledge, and may he be filled with all the fullness of Christ (Ephesians 3:17-19). In Jesus name, Amen.

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