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Go to Battle

I found this old photo this week of my fam having a paintball war about 4 years ago. Please admire how tuff we look, especially Caleb.

He armed me and aimed me in the right direction. Psalm 18:32

It reminded me that not only does God direct every minute of my day, He makes sure that I’m ready for battle. He has direction and guidance for everyday, but He also has strength and a battle plan. He knows that I won't just face ordinary problems, I also have a soul that will face things in a spiritual realm. Sometimes I wish I could see that world, but I trust that God knows better.

Lots of days, I forget, I get comfortable, and I don’t remember to go to battle. Satan doesn’t take days off. I can’t either. This does not mean I cannot rest under God‘s protection, because I can. It means I have a purpose and I need to be about it.

Purpose is something that all of us want. In the battle against evil, I matter.

We need to be aware that Satin is constantly orchestrating an attack on our souls. As much as God loves us; Satan hates us. He is a roaming lion seeking who he can devour (1 Peter 5:8). His attempts may come in the form of an attack on our finances, our health, accidents, or they can simply come in the form of distraction, which I believe he finds most effective in these days.

We can get caught up in good things and not so good things, but either way we are still caught, tangled in cares and concerns and anxiety about things that do not matter in eternity.

God help me recognize the places that Satan comes against me today because he is a deceiver and he’s good at disguising what he’s actually after. Help me remember to fight him with the truth and your word. Arm me and aim me in the right direction this week. Wake me up every day reminding me that you train my hands for battle and for war, so that one day I will share in the victory.

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