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What do You Need Him to Bring?


He is coming. Advent is here, and Jesus is coming. I’m expectantly waiting because I desperately need Him this year. I need His peace, and that is always what He brings. I need it in heavy overflowing doses for my soul because it is kind of raw. The beautiful thing about it is that He knows all the whys and exactly where we need hope. I don’t have to explain it to Him. I don’t have to make myself be understood. I can just wait expectantly for Him to deliver. Are you waiting expectantly? Because it is the key to hope. Hope leans heavy on expectation.

Where do you need Jesus to come? Have you invited Him?

Where do you need Him to bring Peace? Have you asked Him?

Ask Him to come, ask Him to bring nothing less than Himself to your heart and the circumstance. Ephesians 2:14 promises that “he himself is our peace”.

Now prepare Him room. Look in your heart and clear out all the clutter of unbelief. Ask God to identify and destroy all the lies that Satan wants to use against us and fight back with your belief, not belief in the Christmas Spirit but belief it the God who comes to us when we can’t make it to Him. The God who comes in His loving kindness to bring us what we really need…Himself. Bless Him with your expectant belief.

My belief isn’t like a child’s belief in Santa Claus because as much as they believe, it doesn’t make him real. Even though Santa isn’t real, belief in him can affect children’s behavior. My God is very real, is my belief in Him affecting my behavior? Does my belief cause me to wait expectantly, without manipulation or doubt? Does my belief drive me to expectant prayer with eyes wide open to catch all the facets of the answer?

He is coming, He is coming to hearts who are expectantly making room for Him. He will be your peace; He will be your answer; He will be your joy; He will be your everything, go and make Him room, and be sure to clear out a spot for all that He

is bringing.

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