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Practical Remembering

My last blog promised practical ways to get God's word in your life and family...

This is it!

I love the translation of this charge in Deuteronomy 6 from the Message. Anyone else completely identify with the phrase..."when you fall into bed at night"? That's me! And in truth, it's what I want. I want my days to be so packed with purpose that I fall into bed at night, exhausted but filled with hope. Not the exhaustion that says I didn't get everything done, but the peace that knows I gave it my all because I saw that God was with me.

Practically applying this is all about repetition. When you repeat tings, they become habit. That is why God instructed the Israelites to make remembrance a part of their daily life. They were told to write the “shemah” which is the summation of the law, to “love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might” on their doorposts and fence posts, and carry it even on their body. They were to talk about it all day as the came and went. God knows how easy it is for us humans to forget daily so His plan is for us to purposefully remember daily.

I have taken this to heart with my family. When we built this house, I wrote scriptures on the beams of each doorway. I prayed as I walked through the places where little feet would run and guests come for rest. There is also scripture covering the now formed walls of most of the rooms in my home, even the bathroom (there is a lot of time spent in there). My kids and I even write verses on the bathroom mirrors with expo markers. They love it! It's what they read while brushing their teeth.

This is all about incorporating God's word into what you are already doing. When you drive somewhere in the car, practice memorizing verses together. Keep a 3x5 card of the verse on your dashboard because chances are, you won't actually know the verse the first time. The car rider line is fantastic for this! It's also a great place to read a short devotional. I know you are driving, but you can make your kids read it, that makes them retain it better anyway. Multi-tasking! During the school year, we learn one verse a month together. It takes that long for it to really sink into our lives. If you need help with this, check out my old posts, I always share out lists of verses to make it easier for you! I will link that post for this year's verses below.

We have taken binding God's word as a sign on your hand quite literally as well. We purchased temporary tattoos of scripture as a fun way of impressing God’s word on our children’s minds …or arms as it may be. We ordered them from a company called Armed With Truth. You can order premade packs or make your own custom tattoos. They are even running a fall special for 30% off right now using code FALL30.

We talk about God at meal time. Take some of the responsibility away from yourself for this one. Let your kids lead the discussion. Yes, you read that write. Sit back, kick up your feet, and let them share one of their devotions from the week, or what they learned in Sunday school, or even something they have questions about. This takes a couple times to flow and feel normal, but it works. They like the responsibility and it creates great discussion. Even my seven year old can do this, and he likes that everyone has to listen to what he has to say. You must also take a turn at this. Share what you are learning with them. Ah! There's the catch, you have to be doing devotions as well. You need the accountability of having to share what God is saying to your heart too. You may be surprised at the insight your kids share for you.

Do Not! I repeat, Do Not! Try to implement all these things at once. You will crash and burn with the overload. Pick one to implement this week, see what works for your family. And then, when you come up with your own fantastic ideas, call me! I need them too.

The deliberate and daily wear grooves in our paths for our feet to follow. The grooves can be seen by others who pick up the trail and are encouraged by our purposefulness.

How does God want to be remembered? What do you think He wants you to remember about Him today? That is how you pick a verse to meditate on or memorize.

What are ways that we can saturate our homes with God’s presence to help jog our memories? How can we purposefully make room in our hearts for remembering the right things?

Click on this picture link to go to family verses blog which includes a PDF printable

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