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What is Good?

Updated: Mar 30

Did you notice the butterfly in this picture?

If not, go back and you'll see him right away! When we know what we are looking for, it's easier to see.

It’s Good Friday. What makes it good is that God calls it good. There are things in my life that I might not call good, but God decides what is good. His good for me will get me ready for my eternal home and his kingdom.

In my shortsightedness, I cannot label things correctly. I don’t recognize always good.

What’s in your life right now that isn’t labeled good?

Ask God what obedience should look like in that space.

What does He want you to see?

Jesus obeyed God’s good. He surrendered beautifully. The outcome was pretty incredible. It gave us eternity with God.

Father, help me as I struggle to see good in things I’m not labeling that way. I try to avoid conflict and struggle, but they can produce good things in me. Show me how to struggle with you God, not against you. Open my eyes.

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