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A New Approach to Fighting Wrinkles

I've developed deep wrinkles in between my eyebrows. you know, they call them elevens. I’ve decided I’m going to view them as a consequence of anxiety instead of age. Don't get me wrong, I've got age wrinkles too. I knit my brow together when I am trying to figure things out on my own. I do not knit my brow together when I pray over circumstances and exchange them for God‘s peace. Did you catch that word "exchange"? Keep that. Exchanging means we give something to get something. We can't keep both!

Are your days much like mine?

Just when I think that things are going, well, a new set of circumstances will pop into my mind that could go horribly wrong and need my attention. Except the problem is they don’t actually need my attention. God is paying attention to them. They need my surrender. 

I waste so much time in what if, and I know better. Satan gets good at distracting me with things that seem like they need my attention. Like solving all of my children’s problems because I am their mother, or trying to fix a set of work circumstances for my husband to have a moments peace. 

These are NOT actually my jobs. 

Since I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how old I look, I’m going to start thinking about those 11 lines as a reflection of my heart instead of my age. What is the state of my heart when I’m furrowing my brow? When I see those wrinkles in the mirror, I’m going to work at relaxing my face and relaxing my grip. I am not in control, that is an illusion. Simply put, I’m going to work at remembering that everything does not rely on me.

Everything relies on God.

His shoulders can take it, mine can’t. 

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