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Be Kind to Yourself

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Give yourself a minute. Process Christmas because it's always a mixture of beautiful and hard, lovely and hustle. We don't let ourselves simply be tired.

It's the end of a year and the end is hard. If you are like me I tend towards ridiculous math as I add up all the things I didn't get accomplished this year. I want to be kinder to my heart by adding up the things I did get done. It's funny those successes never keep me up at night.

I don't want to finish this year and round the bend into 2023 with a resolve to get more done, to be better, or to do anything. I want to take one step at a time and enjoy the nostalgia and then the newness and not rush into agendas and goals.

My heart needs a minute. You too?

I've been thinking on this quote by Charles Spurgeon, "We are all prone to engrave our trials in marble and write our blessings in sand."

I want to sit with my heart and my blessings and give them time to cement. I want to look at the year long enough to add up what God has done in me. That's better math. I want to build on those blessings and set my expectations on God's blessings for next year.

I'm pretty sure that for me this is going to involve extra coffee and a comfy chair.

What can it look like for you?

Let's take a minute before the new year to look back at the ways that God has been faithful and the ways He has grown you. Maybe write them down as a way to carve them in the marble of our hearts instead of sand so they don't get washed away by the tide.

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