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In the Weeds

"In the weeds" is a phrase I was familiar with as a waitress, now waitresses are called servers, but I was a waitress for about 6 years in high school and through college. When we said we were "in the weeds", it meant that we had too many things going at once. Drinks to table 5, take table 6 dessert, table 2 needs menus, did I print their check??? There are a lot of things you juggle in a restaurant. You have to be a good multitasker to be a good server.

Lately my thoughts have been "in the weeds". There is too much going on in there, and it isn't just anxiety or the flutter of agendas and activities. There is simply too much to digest well.

There are good things I take in that don't get the attention they deserve just because there isn't shelf space. I need to weed my brain. I've got sermon notes, devotionals, great books I've read most of, and they're all good, but they don't take root in my life. They get choked out, sometimes even by each other.

To get out of the weeds and be able go grow, I need to focus my thoughts. I need to help the ones I want to keep take root. Instead of reacting to my thoughts, lead them to the truth.

How do I do that?

Stop. Refuse to let your brain keep going in circles and focus on the one thing God has spoken to you, jut one thing. It could have been in your devos, on the radio, in a conversation, nail down that one thing God is trying to tell you. Hone in on one idea you've heard God whisper and find a verse from His word that solidifies it. Then, keep it close.

Write it out, put it on your fridge, in your fridge, on the bathroom mirror, in your underwear drawer, car, shower, anywhere that will remind you.

If you haven't heard God say anything in awhile, pick up your Bible. Ask Him, and He will give you something. He has a lot to say, if we will just listen. Don't know where to start, I recommend Psalms.

Getting out of the weeds requires figuring out what you let stay. Recognize the weeds and let go of them. Then as you focus on that one thing God said, it will grow bigger than the weeds, it will take root and tower over those thoughts that had you running in circles.

You may not be able to do anything about how busy your daily life has become, but you can identify your thoughts and cut out the needless circles they are making you run in. You can choose to slow your mind.

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7 KJV

I pulled out the KJV because I love how it uses the phrase a sound mind. God's Spirit has given us the ability to take control of our thoughts. We can choose to use our minds to work for us and not against us.

Ask God: How do I take root so that I can bear fruit and not just be lost in the weeds?

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