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Stop It

Stop trying to do everything at once.


I burnt the bacon. It wasn’t because I didn’t set a timer, it’s because I didn’t stay where I could hear the timer. I went to the laundry and then garage to throw something out, then I saw that the dog food needed refilled, so I stopped to do that, and in the time I wrestled down the 30lb bag and got the bin cleaned out and new food in, the bacon burnt.

Sound like your life at all?

All the things need done, yes they do. But I am old enough to realize that there isn’t an end to the list. I will never get done all the things that need done.

I can chase that, or I can settle into the truth that I am more than what I get done.

The answer isn’t getting rid of all lists or becoming lethargic. The answer is in deciding my parameters. How do I measure things? Because when I measure by completion, I always fall short. God doesn’t measure me that way. I won’t be complete until I get to heaven. Instead of feeling frustrated by that, it frees me to try again tomorrow.

It sets me free to be unfinished – in progress.

How did I make progress today in who I want to be?


Who do I want to be, not what do I need to do.

It’s a subtle shift because the two are very related. Who I want to be should determine what I do, but I find that I often get it backward and what I have to do affects or defines who I am that day.

Sometimes my to do lists take over my holiday season. I don't want to let that happen this year. So if you see me, remind me that I want to be more Mary and less Martha this season.

Father, you placed the longing for eternity and perfection in my heart, and you are the only thing that can fill it. Help me see that and stop trying to get everything complete her Help me realize that here is not where everything will get done, that's heaven. Show me how to be content in progress not perfection.

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